The Big Picture

To visualize our strategic vision, check out the graphic below.
     Each point of this strategic vision is depicted as a spoke on a wheel.
          As each point is strengthened, its wheel gains momentum.
          Each wheel’s momentum generates movement on the other two wheels as well.
     While reading about each specific point, keep this diagram in mind to remember:
          1) the strategy is not linear: step 1, then step 2, etc.
          2) many points will be strengthened simultaneously
          3) every point that is strengthened creates energy in the overall system

Missional Unity Graphic 23-03-22b

Strategic Vision for Missional Unity

We will lead people to experience abundant and eternal life by inspiring Christians to . . .
SEE God’s vision of unity, CONNECT with God’s people, and JOIN God’s mission together.

SEE God’s vision of unity

We will inspire thousands of people to SEE God’s vision of unity as we:

DISCOVER God’s work in the region, STUDY missional unity, PRAY strategically

CONNECT with God’s people

We will inspire thousands of people to CONNECT with God’s people as we:

CELEBRATE God’s work, EDUCATE Christians, GATHER Christians together,
EXPAND Christians’ perspective of God’s work,
COMMUNICATE needs and solutions, RENEW congregations

JOIN God’s mission together

We will inspire thousands of people to JOIN God’s mission together as we:

DISCERN systemic and personal needs, ENVISION solutions to the systemic and personal needs, MOBILIZE congregations on mission, FACILITATE missional partnerships, CIRCULATE the Church’s resources, REPRODUCE the Community Life model

What’s the next step? ⇒  SEE God’s vision for unity