Community Life

We believe Community Life is a strategic, life-giving way to invest in your community.

That’s because we’re contacting every congregation and Christian organization in South Florida
     to DISCOVER ministries they are offering in their community
     and to IDENTIFY needs they are meeting in their community. 
          As we discover and identify how God is already working,
               we’ll make sure everyone knows what everyone else is doing! 

We’re inviting congregations and organizations to gather so they can
     DISCERN the unmet systemic needs in their community
     and ENVISION how they could partner together to meet those needs.

We’re FACILITATING the partnerships they’ve envisioned
     and RESOURCING those partnerships.

There are 3 ways you can invest in your community through Community Life:

To become a PARTNER with Community Life, CLICK HERE!
To become a HELPER with Community Life, CLICK HERE!
To become a SUPPORTER with Community Life, CLICK HERE!

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Community Life is a network of congregations, ministries, and individuals
partnering together to give life to local communities.

We would love to talk with you more about Community Life.
Click here to email our Lead Facilitator, Shawn Allen.


Community Life Board
Rev. Dr. Shawn Allen, Senior Pastor of Church in the Palms
Dr. David Donnally, Senior Pastor of Legacy Church
Dr. Shante Flournoy, Deaconess of Victory Faith Chapel
Rev. Don Imel, Teaching Team Member of Church in the Palms
Brian Rowe, Director of Food Pantry Program for CROS Ministries
Rev. David Vargas, Senior Pastor of Fuente de Vida