People in your community are hurting.

Take Palm Beach County, Florida,
home to many of the wealthiest people in America . . .

– 40% of residents experience the stress of living paycheck to paycheck
– more than 1,000 orphans need a forever home
– almost 1/2 of 3rd-graders are behind in their reading level
– 3,500 women are being trafficked for sex

Your community’s stats and struggles may be different,
but every one of us lives among people with tremendous physical and spiritual needs.

People in your community need every follower of Jesus to join God’s mission . . . together.

Jesus knew that and prayed for it*.

We are serious about answering Jesus’ prayer,
so we are inspiring people to:

SEE God’s vision of unity

CONNECT with God’s people

and JOIN God’s mission together

Start here to explore this strategic vision for missional unity,
and then let’s talk about partnering together to give your community life!

*see Jesus’ prayer in John 17:20-23

share your thoughts . . .

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