Missional Unity

You’re going to see people today who are hurting:
lonely, discouraged, addicted, broken.

Jesus said he can give those people a full life:
relationships, hope, freedom, reconciliation.

Jesus prayed his followers would be so united
that people would know God sent Him and that he loves them!

The reason Jesus’ prayer sounds so appealing to you is that

unity is Jesus’ heart for his followers.
people experiencing abundant life is Jesus’ heart for everyone else.

Community Life has spent 9 years developing a way for Christians to answer Jesus’ prayer:

if we work together to meet people’s needs
everyone can see Jesus Christ and his love.

Every Follower of Jesus
can take 3 steps TODAY
toward missional unity :

followers of Jesus are giving $25-$100/month to Community Life
so we can inspire people to answer Jesus’ prayer

share missionalunity.com or the share the video above with a friend and your social media

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so we can connect with every Christian organization in Palm Beach County

People in your community need every follower of Jesus to join God’s mission . . . together.

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