SEE God’s vision of unity

Every follower of Jesus is your brother or sister – the ones you like and the other ones.

LEARN about Missional Unity.

God only has one family.

Because of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, all persons following Jesus are connected as brothers and sisters through their shared relationship with Him.  If that’s true, we should accept all of the brothers and sisters God has adopted into His family.  Jesus prayed for it, so let’s answer His prayer.

What can I do?  

If you’re not convinced yet, or you are intrigued enough to continue the conversation, visit our Questions About Unity? page to keep the conversation going.

If you are wholeheartedly convinced that God only has one family, sign the Declaration of Unity.

Missional unity is the best step we can take toward answering Jesus’ prayer for unity.

We could wait around until Jesus’ prayer is answered completely, and all Christians become one Church.  In the meantime, we can take a significant step toward answering that prayer by participating in missional unity.  Start by DISCOVERING what God is doing . . .

DISCOVER what God is already doing.

God is already working through many churches, non-profits, ministries, and schools.

We are on a search to discover every church, every non-profit, and every ministry so we can tell each of them about each other.

What can I do?

Help us research.  We need two types of people to help:

Outgoing people: If you’ve never met a stranger, and excites you to go out and meet pastors, non-profit leaders, and others in the community, we need you to help us discover what God is doing (knowing that every conversation you have will be used to create an app that will catalyze missional unity)!  To learn more: visit our ReSearch page.

Detailed people: If you love the idea of accurately keeping track of what those outgoing people discover, and want to help us populate a database (that will later be turned into an app that will catalyze missional unity), we need you!  To learn more: visit our ReSearch page.

PRAY strategically for missional unity.

We need to pray as we answer Jesus’ prayer.

What can I do?

Join our prayer team.  WARNING: Praying for missional unity is going to be exciting!

We’re going to share prayer requests with you that will help God’s will be done here one earth as it is in heaven . . . in real time.
We’re going to share answered prayer requests with you in real time.

Click Pray to join our prayer team.

What’s the next step? ⇒  CONNECT with God’s people

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