CONNECT with God’s people

Jesus prayed His followers would be ONE so that the world would know God sent Him.
Partnering together on mission answers Jesus’ prayer and changes our world.

GATHER together with other Christians

What can I do?

Gather to pray.

You’ve asked God to answer thousands of your prayers.  Have you ever thought about answering one of Jesus’ prayers? He prayed that all of his followers would demonstrate their unity.  We all know how difficult it is for people to get along, much less work together.  And yet we know that Jesus wanted us all to . . . not just get along . . . but to love each other!  That is going to take some divine intervention.

Consider yourself invited to take the “next step” toward Missional Unity by gathering with some of your brothers and sisters to pray together.

We need to come together and pray that God will keep breaking through the barriers we have allowed to separate us.  Would you join us and pray that every follower of Christ would join together to clearly demonstrate to the world that God sent Jesus?

Of course you can pray by yourself, but it does seem to make a good deal of sense to pray WITH others if you are praying for unity.  Of course you can pray whenever and wherever and with whoever you want, but here’s a great opportunity to pray WITH other missional disciples around the county:

Prayer House of the Palm Beaches  – Our friends Jennarie and Arlen gather people together on the last Saturday of each month for a day of prayer.  Each month the event is held at a different place, so check the website for the next location.  You can come and go anytime between 6:00am-6:00pm.  Stations will be set up around the room to guide you as you pray.  If you have a heart for unity, this is a must-attend event.  Come and help us transform our county through prayer!

Gather to worship.

The second way we are going to CONNECT God’s people together is to worship Him together.

Followers of Jesus are a diverse bunch.  We have many different worship languages, but it is beautiful when we practice heaven by worshipping God together.

Churches are already gathering together for Worship Nights in a spirit of unity.  Once again, start your own event, and let us know about it so we can spread the word.

Gather in cohorts.

We need each other.  Pastors need authentic relationships with other pastors.  Youth Volunteers need to help each other learn about the ever-changing culture of teenagers.  Missions Pastors need to share effective ways of sharing the gospel with their communities.  Pastoral Counselors need encouragement if they are going to encourage their clients.  Contact us join a cohort near you:

If you are one of the 500 or so leaders who attend the quarterly leadership gathering at Christ Fellowship (the next gathering is on Wednesday, May 23, 2018), we have a special challenge for you.   There is a beautiful spirit of unity when we gather together . . . Imagine the benefits of extending that fellowship by joining a cohort of leaders who live and work near you, and who are engaged in a similar area of ministry.   It’s a natural “next step” of unity.  Contact us join a cohort near you:

Gather for Events.

Missional events are happening all over the county.

One Christian Voice – There are many ways to gather with other Christians in Palm Beach County, and One Christian Voice is great place to hear about them.  Rhonda Krill, motivated by a desire to bring Christians together to love and support each other, publicizes many events happening in Palm Beach County.  Visit the site to find out what’s going on, and make sure you share your event with One Christian Voice so others know it’s happening.

CELEBRATE what God is doing

We are collecting stories to help people understand and embrace the emerging movement toward unity in our region.

What can I do?

Whenever you experience or hear stories about individuals, congregations, or non-profits on missional unity together, let us know!  Email

We will be posting written and video stories here on  Make sure you have followed this site (click on the Follow button in the upper-right corner of the screen) to receive our latest updates and stories.

EXPAND your Perspective of what God is doing

God sees you, your church, your ministry, as part of His big picture.  But because we are all limited by the people we’ve met and heard about, we can only imagine a small part of that picture.

We want to create Perspective, an app that will help you know where you are in God’s big picture.  When it’s completed, your mobile device will display:

  • population and demographics of your locality
  • location of nearby churches and the ministries offered by each church
  • location of nearby parachurch organizations, non-profits, and other significant ministries, and the services offered by each
  • location of nearby Christian schools (preschool through university) and their significant ministries
  • your area’s greatest needs (such as homelessness, foster care, sex trafficking, etc.)
  • the envisioned solutions to your area’s greatest needs, and how you can get involved!

What can I do?

Want to hear about it when Perspective is ready to launch?  Fill out the form below, and we’ll make sure you are the first to know!


RENEW your congregation

What can I do?

To read an interview with Pastor Shawn Allen about how you can live UP, IN, and OUT as a follower of Jesus, and how you can help your congregation live UP, IN, and OUT together, visit our What’s UP? IN? OUT? page.


What’s the next step? ⇒  JOIN God’s mission together

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