Who do you think should take care of unaborted babies?  Perhaps it’s the responsibility of people who put pro-life bumper stickers on their car, the facebook users who re-post pro-life videos, the ordinary people who try to persuade others of their pro-life views through everyday conversation.  In other words, it’s hypocrisy to be “for” the life of children when they are in the womb and to do nothing “for” those children once they are out of the womb.

Here’s a pro-life idea that will change your church and change the life of a child already out of the womb:

Grace Fellowship is adopting a fifteen year-old young girl named Tierra through the Palm Beach Heart Gallery.  Tierra is an honor-roll student, and she loves music and drama.  But she is one of 1200 foster kids in Palm Beach County who doesn’t have a forever home.  So the church is going to “adopt” her until she finds one.

The people of Grace Fellowship are going to pray for Tierra.  They’re going to pray she will find a forever family, and they’re going to pray for a forever family to open their home and heart to her.
In the meantime, the people of Grace Fellowship are going to love Tierra by finding a mentor for her, by inviting her to the church’s youth group, and by connecting her to a ministry the church sponsors that empowers teens to use their God-given gifts.  And that’s just the beginning!

Look into Tierra’s eyes, and you will see something far more beautiful and valuable than a child who was simply carried to full term. Look into her eyes, and you will see a child who our God loves with the same passion that He loves you and your own children. And God feels the same way about every one of the 1600 children in the foster care system in Palm Beach County.

Imagine if every church in our county adopted one of those children!  If you are part of a church, encourage your leaders to “adopt” a child.  Contact us to learn more about Grace Fellowship’s experience adopting Tierra.  What a powerful way to Join God’s Mission!

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