Fuel for Missional Unity

This is what 8 churches praying for 1 CHURCH looked like on Tuesday night.
Prayer is the fuel for missional unity, so would you add some fuel to the fire right now?
Consider using John 17:20-23 as your guide:

Father, may all the people in my local community
who have believed in Jesus Christ be one –
just as You, Father, are in Your Son, Jesus Christ, and Your Son is in You –

may we be in You, Father, and in Your Son –
so that the world may believe that You have sent Your Son.
Thank You that Your Son has given all of us the glory that You gave Him,
that we may be one as You, Father, and Your Son are one –
Your Son in us and You, Father, in Your Son –
that we may be brought to complete unity –
so that the world may know that You sent Your Son
and have loved them even as you have loved Your Son.

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