Missional Prayer

Perhaps you are one of the many church-goers who would rather eat a plate full of your least favorite vegetable than attend a prayer meeting.

But what if a situation was so dire, if people were in such crisis, if the stakes were life and death . . . if you believed prayer could save a life, would you pray?

The opioid crisis is literally a life or death crisis.

Why not come and spend an hour praying for those who are struggling with addiction
Why not join us as we pray for people who know how to rescue addicts from death?

Those leaders will be with us.

Our City Manager from Greenacres will be with us.

Will you be with us as we gain spiritual momentum in a race for the lives of people God created, loves, and wants to set free?

Saturday, September 15 ~ 7pm
3812 Jog Rd. Greenacres, FL 33467

One thought on “Missional Prayer

  1. Awesome! I can not attend but will be in prayer with you. Thank you for taking a stand on this very important issue. LC


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