Adoption Complete!


Tierra had been waiting eight years to be adopted by a forever family. 100 days after being “adopted” by the people of Grace Fellowship, she was matched with a forever family! Along the way, people from the congregation prayed for her, offered her a mentor and piano lessons, and looked for ways to bless her. Her picture was placed in the lobby of the church so that every time a person entered the worship center they would be reminded of her. Only God knows how the prayers and support of Grace Fellowship led to her adoption . . .but what an honor for the church, and what joy for Tierra!

There are 1200 kids like Tierra in the foster care system in Palm Beach County, waiting for their forever family. The Children’s Home Society would love to place a picture of one of those kids in your church’s foyer. Can you imagine how powerful it would be if your church came alongside a child who is waiting for a forever family? Powerful for the child. And powerful for the church. It’s as easy as a phone call to my friend Linda Coffin (561-252-7400) who will help you and your church “adopt” a child.

Many churches in Palm Beach County are working together for the next year to help dramatically reduce the number of children in the foster care system who are looking for families. “Follow” this site to receive updates on how you can get involved!

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