5000 reasons why Jazz Nativity is my favorite event of the year

$5,000 raised for orphans . . . the first portion sent to an orphanage in India that cares for 17 children who suffer from HIV. 

Those are the first 5000 reasons why Jazz Nativity is my favorite event of the year.

Thank you to the 19 musicians, the tech team, and every other person who volunteered to make the event a great success!

To those who bought tickets and donated even more . . . on behalf of every one of those kids who will be blessed by your generosity, THANK YOU!

BONUS CHALLENGE: If you are planning an event soon . . . what if you made your next event missional by leveraging the event to help someone in need? Jazz Nativity would have been great even without the $5,000 for orphans. Great music and improvisation, the story of Jesus’ birth told creatively, crazy comedy . . .  and your event will be great too. But can you imagine the impact if you led those attending your event to join God’s mission?

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