Take Heart Update

The Take Heart event was a success!  Our goal was to lead every person in attedance to take a specific step toward children in need.  Once the movie and the presentations concluded, nearly every person of the 70+ in attendance went to talk to at least one of the representatives (from Place of Hope, Joanna’s Cottage, First Care, One Child, Wholehearted Orphanage, Rescue Upstream).

Yesterday we heard that 4 families attended a foster care orientation meeting, and 3 families have signed up for MAPP classes to become foster care parents!

What can you do if you missed the event?  Contact us and we will be glad to connect you with one of our partners listed above.

And . . . here’s a great idea if you are part of a church:  Grace Fellowship is partnering with the Children’s Home Society to “adopt” a child in the foster care system.  Pictures of the child will be displayed in the church lobby, and the congregation will be given practical ways to love the child until the child finds their forever family.  If your church is interested in “adopting” a child, contact us and we’ll connect you with Children’s Home Society.

Thank you for Joining God’s Mission!

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