Community Life @ Redemption Church

2 more congregations invited me to share how they could help Community Life facilitate missional unity the last 2 Sundays . . .

First, Victory Faith Chapel International welcomed me, with Ghanaian native Pastor Seth Boateng following my remarks with a passionate encouragement for the people of Victory Faith to celebrate and participate in the unity of the body of Christ. He went on to weave unity into his teaching about baptism several times. Thanks to Community Life Board Member Dr. Shante Flournoy who facilitated this opportunity.

This past Sunday my son Walker and I led worship at Redemption Church in Delray. Pastor Daniel Williams, a huge champion of unity, was kind enough to send me a video of what I shared:


If you are part of a congregation in South Florida, I would love to come and share a similar message with your congregation. I can
1) simply share for a couple of minutes as I did in that clip
2) lead worship or share a special song and share that brief message
3) preach and include the content of that brief message

4 Congregations, 1 MISSION

What a blessing to share Community Life’s Mission and Vision with 4 congregations yesterday . . .

My first stop was with the people of Tabernacle Evangelical of Faith. After a beautiful conversation with one attendee about their heart and missional activity, Pastor Innocent Francilus led us in several Creole songs. Then he graciously allowed me not only to share about Community Life, but to answer the congregation’s questions. After I explained that Community Life is going to call over 900 congregations to find out what ministries they are offering to their community, it was beautiful to hear their initial reactions. One person asked a great question: What ministries will Community Life be offering? Some readers of this post know the answer: none! Community Life will be supporting congregations and non-profits as they partner together to offer ministries to their community.

Next up was Fountain of Life, led by Community Life Board Member Pastor David Vargas. It was so good to hear my friend preach for the first time – he shared an honest message about how difficult it is to remain open to God’s interruptions (fortunately for me, his message was constantly interrupted by my friend Bryanna as she translated from Spanish into English). Then I had the honor of celebrating Communion with my brothers and sisters. When Pastor David allowed me to “interrupt” their service so I could share about Community Life, I asked if anyone would be willing to connect us with other congregations in Palm Beach County? I made the joke (that’s actually true) that if one of them called a congregation they already have a relationship with to let them know Community Life will be calling them . . . the congregation will be much more likely to answer the phone when Community Life calls. So thankful for one Fountain of Life member who gave a gift to financially support Community Life!

Then it was time to engage the passionate worship being led by the worship team at Vision of Faith. After hearing Pastor Millie Puerta’s powerful message about waiting on God – who’s not in a hurry – I shared how the vision God gave me in 2014 was, in God’s timing, just now coming to life through Community Life’s relaunch. I encouraged the many Spanish-speakers in attendance to help us contact other Spanish-speaking congregations so we can accomplish our goal of contacting every congregation in Palm Beach County.

To finish the day, I worshipped with Cathedral of the Kingdom (pictured below). This growing church plant is alive with the fruits of God’s Spirit – so much joy and hospitality! When Pastor Jovi Vivero gave me the opportunity to share about Community Life, I suggested that anyone who doesn’t really want to make phone calls could still help Community Life by entering into a database the information we learn from the phone calls about what ministries are being offered by congregations all over Palm Beach County. Pastor Jovi’s message about responding immediately to God’s redirections was such an encouragement to me as I continue in this season of so much transition.

If you weren’t attending any of those churches yesterday,
here’s Community Life’s MISSION AND VISION:

Community Life’s MISSION:
facilitate sustained missional partnerships
between congregations, nonprofits & people
to meet systemic needs
in local communities.

Community Life’s VISION:
missional unity answers Jesus’ prayer,
uniting his followers
so people can experience
abundant & eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Visit to learn more or to make a donation that plants a seed which can blossom into the abundant life that Jesus offers!

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