Missional Prayer

Perhaps you are one of the many church-goers who would rather eat a plate full of your least favorite vegetable than attend a prayer meeting.

But what if a situation was so dire, if people were in such crisis, if the stakes were life and death . . . if you believed prayer could save a life, would you pray?

The opioid crisis is literally a life or death crisis.

Why not come and spend an hour praying for those who are struggling with addiction
Why not join us as we pray for people who know how to rescue addicts from death?

Those leaders will be with us.

Our City Manager from Greenacres will be with us.

Will you be with us as we gain spiritual momentum in a race for the lives of people God created, loves, and wants to set free?

Saturday, September 15 ~ 7pm
3812 Jog Rd. Greenacres, FL 33467

Community Life

In 1881, a new movement began waving the banner of salvation in Jesus Christ and proclaiming the unity of every follower of Jesus Christ.

Churches were started all over the world, and in 1935, the First Church of God in West Palm Beach began.

Twenty years ago, that church made some difficult decisions and sacrifices to further God’s mission. They sold their building, renamed themselves Church in the Palms, and developed a vision to build a mission outpost that would be used every day of the week to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in its community. By the time the church moved to their new campus ten years later, the vision included sharing that mission outpost with other churches. They called the 16,000 square foot building the Community Life Center.

Two years after that campus opened, God began to nudge a pastor in Virginia out of a fruitful ministry. Compelled by its spiritual need and intrigued by its cultural diversity, the pastor’s family made a challenging transition to South Florida in 2012. After a few years of ministry in this unique culture, God gave that pastor, Shawn Allen, a strategic vision for Missional Unity: inspiring Christians to see God’s vision of unity, connect together, and join God’s mission together.

What happened next was . . .
a beautiful fulfillment of the dreams of a new movement in the 1880s,
the continued fruit of a new South Florida church plant in the 1930s, and
a realization of that church’s renewed missional vision at the turn of the century.

In 2017, as the new Senior Pastor of Church in the Palms, Shawn invited the 7 Christian organizations who were meeting in the Community Life Center to partner together on mission. All 7 organizations agreed to join God’s mission together!

Since then, Community Life has grown to 18 non-profit organizations
who are partnering together to give our community life
through ministries such as feeding the hungry,
raising the reading level of elementary school students,
and advocating for foster children.

Some of the partners are based out of the Community Life Center, like the 10 churches who offer worship services in Spanish, Creole, and English to our diverse community. Other partners are located around our county, and we are all on God’s mission together!

To learn more about Missional Unity and the strategic vision for Community Life, visit missionalunity.com.

If you want to learn how you or your organization
can partner together with Community Life,
contact us or join us for at the Community Life Center
for our Community Life Partners Connection
on Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

Palm Sunday Jazz

Imagine 32 people from 10 different churches telling the story of Jesus’ last week on earth with the rhythms and harmonies of jazz, blues, funk, and more!

“Spectacular job of honoring Jesus. The music was awesome and the singers were great.”      

“What a service!  What a performance!  I think Jesus was right there in the room cheering you all on! Even if you are a committed Christian, I am thinking we were (I was) sooooo moved and gave a whole new meaning to that story.”

“Incredible service. Made me very emotional!”

“It was awesome – I’m glad I was part of the service”

Palm Sunday Jazz was truly a picture of what I call missional unity. People who don’t usually worship together . . . working together to share Jesus with their community.

Here’s what it sounded like . . .

We Run. You Invest. Children Win.

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, Children’s Home Society of Florida will host their annual 5K.

I am spending November-April training 41 year-old knees to beat the Personal Record I set last year.

More importantly, I want to inspire you to help me raise $8,500 for Palm Beach County’s most vulnerable children.

Here’s how you can help . . .

1) INVEST in the lives of abused, neglected, or abandoned kids by donating today! Click the link below to invest . . .


2) or JOIN our Missional Unity team!

All it takes is a few texts, emails, or social media posts . . . and you can encourage your friends to share their resources with these kids!

I am looking for 15 team members who will try to raise $500 each. Even if you don’t make it to $500, every ounce of effort will be worth it! Click the link below to join our team . . .


[Missional Unity Teammate Jessica Skirkanich Casillas raised $700 last year, and Missional Unity Teammate Suzi Harmon Eby raised $575 last year – so yes, you can do it!]

The path to $925 

November 13: Enjoyed lunch with a friend, Rod Rivera, whose combination of superior age and athleticism inspired me to come out of my running retirement.

November 23: With my brand new running shoes laced up, ran .2 of a mile (yes, that’s two-tenths of a mile . . . I invite you to keep reading while you laugh).

December – January: Gradually increased my distance and limited my speed to prevent myself from destroying my knees like the time I tried to train for a marathon.

February 6: Now running 2 miles, I began to dream about running a 5K (3 mile race). Because I love turning normal events into opportunities for people to share their resources (Jazz Nativity, anyone?), I signed up for the Children’s Home Society’s 5K Race, committing to raise money for foster kids.

March 29: I individually texted almost every single person I had texted in the last year, asking each of them to share $5 for foster kids. It worked!

Over the next few days, the Children’s Home Society received $835 from my friends, making me the 2nd highest individual fundraiser for the event! I also convinced four other runners to join my team, which brought my MissionalUnity team total to $925.

Can you believe that? $925. Thank you to each person who shared $5! Here’s some of the ways you supported foster kids with your generosity:

  • Transition home (for homeless teen moms – only 3 such programs in PBC and all the beds are always full)
  • Safe Harbor (for troubled and runaway teens – they receive therapy and time to figure things out before the teen returns home)
  • Bridges (a preventative program in the community to help with parenting skills)
  • Street outreach (helps runaway teens)
  • Gifts (to help create normalcy for the lives of foster children)

April 2: Ran the 5K. Had to stop three times in the first mile to stretch a calf injury, and actually made a wrong turn at one point (only I could get lost in a race!), but by God’s grace was able to finish 17th overall. My daughter finished 2nd in her age group (go Nellie!).


Most impressive, my MissionalUnity teammate and fellow elder at Church in the Palms, Jerry Barrantes, finished 5th overall!

Hurting my calf during the last few weeks of training prevented me from being in optimal shape for the race. On that 3rd mile, I REALLY wanted to stop and take a break. But you know what kept me going? The 800 bucks my friends had given to foster kids in honor of me finishing that race.

If you are inspired by this story to do something to help foster kids, but don’t want to run 3 miles, join us for Take Heart on May 22nd, 6pm, at Grace Fellowship and learn how you can get involved in the lives of modern-day orphans here in Palm Beach County.

Would you let me inspire you to share five bucks with foster children?


I don’t know about you, but I want to help the 1200 foster kids in Palm Beach County who are looking for a forever home. So I came up with a way to motivate my friends to share their resources with these precious children.

I have spent the last few months training to run a 5K. The race is on Saturday, April 2nd, and I am asking my friends to donate ONE DOLLAR for every kilometer I am running to the Children’s Home Society. The Children’s Home Society helped 76,000 kids and family members last year . . . when you share 5 dollars, you will help provide emergency shelter, counseling and outreach, and help kids find their forever family through foster care or adoption. If you are ready to bless these kids, click on the link to sponsor me . . .

Sponsor Shawn Allen

By the way, if you love the idea of walking or running to raise money for foster kids, join our team! Register for the event and then inspire your friends to support you a dollar per kilometer that you walk or run. Here’s the link, and our team is called Missoinal Unity.

Register for the Fun Run

Adoption Complete!


Tierra had been waiting eight years to be adopted by a forever family. 100 days after being “adopted” by the people of Grace Fellowship, she was matched with a forever family! Along the way, people from the congregation prayed for her, offered her a mentor and piano lessons, and looked for ways to bless her. Her picture was placed in the lobby of the church so that every time a person entered the worship center they would be reminded of her. Only God knows how the prayers and support of Grace Fellowship led to her adoption . . .but what an honor for the church, and what joy for Tierra!

There are 1200 kids like Tierra in the foster care system in Palm Beach County, waiting for their forever family. The Children’s Home Society would love to place a picture of one of those kids in your church’s foyer. Can you imagine how powerful it would be if your church came alongside a child who is waiting for a forever family? Powerful for the child. And powerful for the church. It’s as easy as a phone call to my friend Linda Coffin (561-252-7400) who will help you and your church “adopt” a child.

Many churches in Palm Beach County are working together for the next year to help dramatically reduce the number of children in the foster care system who are looking for families. “Follow” this site to receive updates on how you can get involved!