on God’s Mission

God sent Jesus on a mission:
to preach good news to the poor,
proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind,
to release the oppressed,
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

Jesus sent us in the power of the Spirit to continue God’s mission.

We don’t need to find good things to do.  God has been on a mission since He created this world, so we are simply joining a mission He’s already on!

Discern Personal and Systemic Needs

What is your neighbor’s greatest need?  We are in the process of discerning the greatest personal needs in our county.

And we are also actively engaged with law enforcement, city officials, pastors, and other leaders to help us discern the most pressing systemic needs in Palm Beach County.

What’s a systemic need?  
Discerning systemic needs means that we are searching for the root of the need in our region. We’re not simply interested in relieving symptoms.  We do care about individuals and their immediate needs, but we aren’t only concerned with meeting immediate needs.  We want to identify systems that lead to the visible, immediate needs of both individuals and groups.

Key needs such as caring for orphans and helping better educate our children are already brimming at the top of the list.

What can I do?

Join our prayer team, who will be focusing their prayer on the discerning of needs.

Let us know what you think the most pressing personal and systemic needs are in Palm Beach County.

Envision Solutions

We are partnering together with everyone who wants to help envision solutions to our community’s greatest needs. Imagine what 3 churches or Christian organizations could do if they worked together to address a pressing need like careing for modern-day orphans?   How about 13 churches working together?  How about 33?  The scope of solutions we will be envisioning and praying about are life-changing and city-changing.  Much more to come, but here’s one prayer request to whet your appetite.

We will be envisioning creative, comprehensive, large-in-scope, proactive, and life-giving solutions.

creative: the gravity and complexity of the systemic and personal needs warrants high-level creativity, inspired by The Creator.

comprehensive: solutions must seek to fully address or eliminate needs.

large-in-scope: the scope of solutions must be enormous due to the pervasiveness of the needs, and the scope can be enormous because of the synergy made possible through missional unity.

proactive: solutions should not merely be reactionary, but should ultimately be “upstream” – influencing the systems, culture, and people who are “downstream”.

life-giving: while implementing solutions, Christians should make the most of every opportunity to share the gospel clearly and creatively in word and deed.

What can I do?

Join our prayer team, who will be focusing their prayer on the creative process of envisioning solutions.

Pray and dream big.  Here’s an idea to whet your faith appetite: instead of praying about helping a few orphans, start praying with us about finding a home for every child in Palm Beach County.

[By the way, make sure you attend Take Heart on May 22nd @6:00pm at Grace Fellowship to start making this dream a reality!]

Mobilize Your Congregation

What can I do?

We would love to help you mobilize your congregation on mission!  If your leaders are interested, encourage them to contact us.  Here’s a quick snapshot of the process might look like:

Cast vision for developing missional communities within your congregation.

Empower and train missional community leaders.

Recruit attenders to join a missional community.

Encourage each missional community to mobilize its members on mission.

Challenge missional community leaders to disciple members in the context of mission.

Focus each missional community on implementing one of the envisioned solutions to the identified needs (see explanation above)

Lead your existing small groups to form missional communities -OR- Motivate small groups, ministries, and individuals to join the missional communities as they implement one of the envisioned solutions to the identified needs.

Begin new missional communities.

Partner Together on Mission

To accomplish God-sized goals like finding a home for every orphan in our county, Christians, their churches, non-profits, Christian schools and universities . . . we must all partner together on God’s Mission.  We will be facilitating partnerships to bring life to people, and light to our city.

What can I do?

If you are an individual and you are ready to partner with others on mission, let us know.

If you are a member of a church or organization, encourage the leaders to contact us to explore a missional partnership.
If an organization or church already has a partner in mind, we would to help you and your partner(s) work together on the envisioned solutions to the discerned needs in our county.

Let us extend a special invitation to those of you who are a member of or leading a congregation which is struggling (most congregations are struggling in our county) . . .

Partnering with a congregation who is stronger, especially a congregation stronger in the area of living OUT to the world, can be a powerful catalyst for mission in your congregation.
You will be leading your people on mission, and at the same creating missional energy within your congregation.
Fueled by this new missional energy, your congregation can enter a season of sustained missional activity.

Share Your Resources

Do you remember how the first Christians shared their resources?

“All the believers were together and had everything in common.
Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.”
(Acts 2:44-45)

Imagining yourself living like those first Christians is scary if you don’t imagine yourself loving the people with whom you would be sharing your resources.

That kind of sharing goes right against the grain of our American individualism.  But, if you are a follower of Jesus, and your first allegiance is to Him, you can read those verses as a story of what naturally happened when people like you believed in Jesus and started living in the Spirit.  They loved each other enough to share what God had given them.

God owns everything we have been given.  And when we see God’s vision, connect with His people, and begin partnering together, we want to share what God has loaned to us.  We invite you to view your possessions, your ideas, your everything, as resources God can use to accomplish His mission.

The Exchange

We will be providing a virtual hub that will revolutionize the way Christians share their resources.  It will provide the conduit for Christians to “upload” resources they have, and “download” resources they need.  In other words, people who have will be able to share with those who don’t have.   Generosity will overflow, needs will be met, and God’s mission will be resourced.

As you begin to love people, and your desire to share begins to grow, we want to help you act on that desire.

The Exchange

We will be providing a virtual hub that will revolutionize the way Christians share their resources.  It will provide the conduit for Christians to “upload” resources they have, and “download” resources they need.  In other words, people who have will be able to share with those who don’t have.   Generosity will overflow, needs will be met, and God’s mission will be resourced.

As you and others have needs, “The Exchange” will express those needs to brothers and sisters whose hearts have been opened to meet those needs.

So what kinds of things will be exchanged?  Every resource needed to advance God’s mission.   Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

– a church might share a sermon series with another church

– a business leader might sponsor a teenager going on mission to another country

– a parachurch organization might provide expert training for a local church to help the homeless in their community

– one church might loan the church bus that’s just parked in their lot to another church to transport their senior adults

Want to hear about it when “The Exchange” is ready to launch?  Fill out the form below and we will make sure you are the first to know!

 I want to be in on “The Exchange”!

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