About Missional Unity

Allen Family 2014

Welcome to MissionalUnity.com!

In 2012 I moved my family to a region with tremendous spiritual need: South Florida. Two years later I realized the greatest impact I could make: inspiring Jesus’ followers to answer His prayer* for unity.

Another year of prayer, conversations, and planning resulted in a strategic vision I now call missional unity: inspiring every follower of Jesus to join God’s mission together.

This website was launched in September 2015 as a virtual hub for this movement in Palm Beach County and beyond.

I believe missional unity is the best step we can take toward answering Jesus’ prayer* and the best chance we have of being used by God to change the world.

As a Pastor and strategic thinker, I am praying for partners who want to become a catalyst in their region for missional unity. If even one point on this site excites you, I would love to talk with you!

Let’s explore how we can answer Jesus’ prayer  together!


Rev. Shawn Allen
Senior Pastor, Church in the Palms
Ph.D. Student, St. Thomas University
561-400-6900 – Shawn@MissionalUnity.com
Find me on Facebook – Follow me on Twitter

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